commodified leisure

commodified leisure
(kuh.MOD.i.fide LEE.zhur or LEZH.ur)
Leisure activities that require the purchase of goods or services.
adj. Of or relating to such an activity.
Example Citation:
The life of the contemporary bourgeoisie is a wearying frenzy of work, work, spending, and work, with some time left over for civic duties, commodified leisure, sex, family, and — maybe — a spiritual life.
— Eugene McCarraher, "Theology at the barricades," Commonweal, July 13, 2001
Earliest Citation:
[The book Inside the Mouse] creates a dilemma for those of us who have never visited Disney World and hitherto entertained no desire to do so. For while on the one hand it confirms every suspicion one had about the manipulativeness of the park and the corporate determination of its proprietors, on the other it relentlessly stimulates one's curiosity to see at first hand the spectacle of packaged, commodified leisure 'experiences' being avidly consumed by millions of apparently sane human beings.
— John Naughton, "Pluto's Republic," The Observer, June 16, 1996
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